Doug Carmody

Content Creator

I’m probably the only pilot that quit the airlines to become a flight instructor. After 20 years as a Captain and Instructor at Usairways (now American), I decided to bring professional training to corporate aviation. So, I quit the airlines and started a flight school. Then, after almost four decades of instructing in turboprops and jets, I had an epiphany! All these years, I’ve been training one pilot at a time, dispensing little pearls of wisdom, a drop at a time. It occurred to me that more pilots could access my experience if I published training material.

Not just rote, regurgitated and stale material, but constantly updated information. As a FAA DPE and instructor, I learn tips and techniques from my students everyday. Along with my own observations, I include information from students, training manuals, maintenance books, manufactures notices and the FAA. I compile it, add to it, edit it, condense it and add graphics. All to bring you the most concise, current and pertinent information available to prepare you to fly a specific airframe.

All the Information you need to know about an Airframe

We pack all the information you need to know about an airframe into an informative, interesting and comprehensive (read short) computer based ground school.